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Light of the World Gospel Ministries Ground Blessing

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Light of the World Gospel Ministries is building a new church through generous donations and fundraising.

Light of the World Gospel Ministries has outgrown their current space on Main Street in Walthill, NE. In 2013 the church purchased several lots across from its current church on Main Street. After a lengthy battle in court, due to the city of Walthill denying building permits, the church is ready to move forward. The new church will further the economy of Walthill as it will include commercial projects such as a bookstore and a coffee shop.

Light of the World was founded in 2007 by Paul and Jen Malcomson. Paul and Jen followed God’s call to Nebraska from Northern Ireland to serve the Omaha Nation. Light of the World is a Bible-believing and Bible-teaching Christian church. They are a non-denominational and multi-cultural congregation. Their vision is to reach those who do not know Christ and also challenge and encourage those who already know Him.

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